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The Brewery Manual is a vibrant resource concerning the United Kingdom’s brewing and on-trade fraternities. Each edition adds hundreds of new entries and updates many, many more, providing up-to-date information on the industry.

Each edition of The Brewery Manual uniquely includes Who’s Who listings of the movers and shakers amongst brewers, publicans and industry bodies. There’s also production and sales data available, providing insight into industry trends.

There’s more: detailed listings of beer importers and the brands they bring in-country; a break-out of the country’s contract brewers and packagers; and contact details and background information regarding trade bodies, the players that provide voice to industry interests and concerns.

The website and e-news alerts

The Brewery Manual website is your source for business news about the UK industry. We report on all players in the industry, from the nationals through to the newest of craft brewing start-ups as well as relevant news from industry suppliers.

The content not only concerns news but also includes features, interviews and comment pieces. All of this is brought to the attention of the industry via weekly e-news alerts.

Keep track of these changes; make sure that your information is up-to-date with this valuable resource.

And check back frequently to – we’ll be keeping you informed about industry news, personnel changes, new product development, and the latest entrants into the market during the coming weeks and months.

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