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Keg Rackers, Performance Handling

Pitt Street, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 0TG
tel: 0151 420 2829  fax: 0151 495 1689

Years of experience within the brewing industry mean that ABM has complete turnkey project capabilities including: Project Management and Process Automation, Process Design and Control, Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency, and now, full Micro Brewery Design and Support.

Keg & Cask Equipment


Unit 6 Monkspath Business Park, Highlands Road,
Shirley, Solihull,
West Midlands B90 4NY

LinkedIn: KHS

KHS offer a complete range of uncomplicated, hygienic and energy efficient machines for beer filling, processing and packaging. Our systems for beer meet the most stringent expectations, for small, medium and large brewery’s. KHS have a complete portfolio of equipment for glass bottles, cans and kegs. We are a one-stop shop for the whole line or stand-alone machines. KHS provide local service coverage and aftersales support for the UK and Ireland.

Keg & Cask Tracking


iSpaniel Ltd
Newhouse Farm, Tenbury Road,
Cleobury Mortimer,
Worcestershire DY14 8RD

Tel: 0345 0178149

Contact: Bill Webb
tel: 07787 537665

iSpaniel is a unique keg/cask tracking solution that uses a robust NFC plastic tag and smartphone app instead of barcode or RFID technology. It delivers bottom line savings to a brewery by improved coordination and control of their container stock across the network:

* Drives faster cycle times (fill-deliver-collect-fill) resulting in improved asset utilisation
* Increases profitability per container
* Reduces container losses and hence capital replacement costs
* Reduces stock/logistics related administration costs
* Provides end-to-end ingredient and product traceability and automates food standards compliance reporting

The solution typically delivers a 4X ROI in year one and in excess of 10X ROI from year two onwards.

Keg & Cask Washers

NDL Keg Europe Limited
25 Orgreave Drive,
Dorehouse Industrial Estate,
Woodhouse, Sheffield S13 9NR
tel: 01142 699080 Mobile: 07415 121601

NDL Keg Europe Ltd offer a range of stainless steel keg and cask washers. Both come as a twin head semi automatic washers with the option of steam of electric connection. These are designed with Siemans Plc control panel and skid mounted for manoeuvrability.

Keg Washing & Racking Equipment

Enterprise Tondelli
Unit 7, College Farm Buildings, Barton Road
Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire MK45 5HP
United Kingdom
tel: 01525 718288 fax: 01525 718580

Suppliers of complete keg racking systems including keg washing, product pasteurisation and supporting services. Our scope is from 16kph single head washer / fillers up to 1200kph high speed lines including a new concept and proven high speed linear design. We supply to the major international brewers.

Lambrechts N.V.
Gansbroekstraat 25, 2870 Puurs, Belgium
tel: +32 3 886 7965

Contact: B Rubbens

The Lambrechts versatile range of machines can be found operated by Craft Brewers all over the UK. From individual washers and fillers, to the popular Compact semi-automatic combined machine.

For craft brewers looking to increase their keg production while saving on labour, the fully automated Monobloc machine range is ideal. Designed for high throughput while taking up minimal space and reducing installation and commission to a few days.

Kegs & Casks

Keg Logistics

Contact: sales executive Nicola Smith
tel: 07728 720478

The kegs you want, the flexibility you need. Startups & national brewers, mix and match keg programs to meet your brewery’s needs. Rent-to-Own - Grow your fleet with flexible finance terms, ownership on your timetable, a custom-branded 30yr asset.   Flex-Term Rental – meet seasonal demand, limit long term exposure with short term rental. Export Kegs - protect your beer with stainless steel kegs, ship to North America in US 1/6th or 30 litre options.

NDL Keg Europe Limited
25 Orgreave Drive,
Dorehouse Industrial Estate,
Sheffield S13 9NR
tel: 01142 699080 mob: 07415 121601

NDL Keg Europe Ltd offers today's brewer a comprehensive and competitively priced range of stainless steel kegs and casks. Either built to order or from stock, NDL can offer a wide range of options for the small or large brewer, from 4.5g to 18g casks and 10L to 100L in kegs.

Schafer Container Systems
Pfannenbergstrasse 1
57290 Neunkirchen
Siegerland, Germany
tel: +49 2735 787-481
UK representative: Mike Hickman
tel: 07538 069886

The Schafer Group offer the widest range of keg styles from all stainless steel to the PLUS keg adopted by many craft brewers in the UK, and breweries large and small around the world. Manufactured in differing colours the polyurethane coated steel keg opens up outstanding branding opportunities, as well as drastically reducing noise during handling and being unattractive to metal thieves. 

Kegs, Casks & Containers

Close Brewery Rentals Ltd
Unit 1, Kingfisher Park, Headlands Business Park
Blashford, Ringwood
Hampshire BH24 3NX
tel: 01425 485421 (option 1)
Twitter: @breweryrentals

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals - Industry specialists offering tailor made solutions for kegs, casks and drinks equipment. We are an experienced and respected solution provider for all brewery equipment and container maintenance services. Our team is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional customer service and world class container management solutions. Whatever your requirement, we will always endeavour to meet it - equipment finance, sale & rent back, container maintenance, repair services, ECasks & EKegs, cask & keg sales, flexible solutions and rent to buy.

Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House St,
Marylebone, London W1W 7FA
tel: 0800 KEG 5000

Kegstar rents one-trip stainless steel kegs and casks to the beverage industry. Brewers and manufacturers simply fill, deliver, scan and repeat, then leave tracking, return logistics and maintenance to Kegstar.

Everything is underpinned with app enabled technology (iOS & android); each keg has a unique etched 2D matrix code (and RFID tag) that is scanned from a smart phone allowing the container to be tracked through the supply chain to the venue, creating valuable data insights, too.

Venues simply request collection of empties via the app, email, phone or social media and the Kegstar team collects within 5 working days.

Kegs, One-Way

DISPACK - Projects nv
Vosseschijnstraat 192A 
B 2030 Antwerp
tel: +32 (0) 3 500 2110

Dolium is the only One-Way PET Keg, available with a patented “Automatic Pressure-Release Valve” and the ability to be filled, manually, semi-auto or on fully automatic kegging lines, with industry standard filling & dispensing heads; Dolium operates comfortably in all three filling environments and markets across the globe. Safe for most export markets, if the temperature increases, building pressure in the keg, at approx. 5 bar the PRV vents and recloses at approx. 2.0 bar.


KeyKeg | Lightweight Containers
Koperslagersweg 4
1786 RA Den Helder
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0) 223-760760

KeyKeg is a high quality, sustainable, one-way packaging that offers the best protection for your beers. This protection is ensured by the Bag-in-Ball™ technology keeping your beers separated from the propellant. The result is a beer that stays fresh for a long period of time, even when broached, preventing waste and increasing sales.